Your hypothesis is compelling Chris Hedges. We will validate it with structured experimentation in a few months time. Your traffic analogy is attractive.

I have many more similar hypotheses based on my observations and my writing history on Medium.

Gratefully several of my high impact technical articles were curated and requested by the top 10 publications. My problem is with my personal development articles which are immediately rejected even though they are as high even higher quality than my technical ones.

One of my hypotheses is that the curators who do look at the particular development stream seem to have limited knowledge of industry and societal impact cases for health issues. Heaven knows they may be juniors out of college with no real-life experience. I respect their job as I conducted the role of knowledge curation over three decades in complex enterprise and research environments, so I am familiar with challenges of knowledge curation.

My concern is not being curated or not at a personal level. Ironically, my non-curated articles performed much better than my curated articles. Some of the non-curated articles performed ten times better than curated ones. Curation does not bring much value to me.

My purpose is to use curation as a growth technique for ILLUMINATION to get exposure to a newer audience in our first development phase. One compelling advantage of curation is the chance of getting viral.

So far, only one of my articles out of hundreds got viral through curation. I am grateful for it, but it is an exception. My premise is, if ILLUMINATION can have just one viral article within the next few months, we may increase our visibility to a wider audience substantially. I see it as a supplemental growth factor.

Therefore, as a tactic, I set the 30-day challenge for the community. I have a strong gut feelings that one or more of our articles after successful completion of this 30-day challenge can go viral. Let’s make it happen collectively! It will be beneficial for all of us. We will grow together. Every member of our community is important; hence we want each member to be successful. Using diversity and fusion principles of our community, we strive for unified success.

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION curating & amplifying important messages. Connection:

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