You touch on an interesting and a controversial topic for writers Helen Cassidy Page. I enjoyed reading your insightful article. Your style is appealing.

In my view size and volume depends on various factors such as the writer’s goals, topic, domain, and type of articles.

From my experience, I have long articles which require substantial content covering multiple aspects of a complex issue. These type of articles are not possible to fit into a single page. If we try to condense them more than necessary, they can lose the meaning and key messages. However, I also have short articles based on personal experience and opinions on a single topic which can easily fit into a few paragraphs.

Explaining a scientific topic with facts, theories, practice, various view points from prior art, societal implications etc. may require more content than sharing a personal experience on a single topic.

At the end, it all depends. Therefore, it should be readers’ responsibility to curate their content to align with their reading goals. As writers, our responsibility is to give them options to choose. We cannot make everyone happy. In reality, there is not one size that fits all.

As a reader, I truly appreciate the variety and diversity of topics on Medium. I feel privileged to come across many insightful, informative, and artistic content. It is like a wonderful playground with lots of options. Medium is a joyful platform for readers and should be the same for writers. It is a prime platform for potential serendipitous encounters with give and receive opportunities at the same time.

Here are two example from my recent articles, one long one short each has different purpose, different message, different style, and appeal to different audience.

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