Thanks Ryan Justin for your comments.

I heard about the curation jail in articles from Casey Botticello. I don’t think it is related to publication as some of my articles in that publication has been distributed before. It may be related to topics. None of my personal development topics are curated yet but technical ones are.

Appreciate your advice. My concern in this article is not the curation process but more about system problems preventing the chance of curation.

I already accepted the fact that Medium curators do not seem to like my personal experiences to be distributed. That is fine by me. Every platform has it is subjectivity and I respect their preferences and decisions.On the other hand, to be fair, I am grateful and pleased that they distribute my technical and professional articles creating visibility and bringing new Medium readers. No hard feelings towards curators.

I am concerned about the system idiosyncrasies which caused me headache and still do. There are still times my claps do not take place. My messages arrive 2 to 3 days later, etc. No response from the support for my registered cases yet even I requested help in the attached article.

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