Thank you Jody.

I really appreciated your excellent explanation and providing as useful insights on the topic.

Your points make great sense hence better understand the fuss about curation now.

I also agree with your points on current selection of curated articles. As an avid reader with eclectic taste, I got disappointed with some petty topics curated in some series scientific and technology topics.

Some curated articles are so basic and full of secondhand information and fluff, even compiled (copy & paste) from popular magazines carrying no value. I respect every article but my point is curation criteria need to consider the original ideas rather than popular second hand knowledge.

Sometimes I come across invaluable research based original studies with societal impact and prepared with academic rigour but unfortunately those articles don’t have a single clap. It is an ironic situation.

By the way, I liked your bubblegum analogy articulating the ironic situation.

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