Thank you for your feedback Deborah Barchi. I removed you from the editor list. I replied your previous message with an apology but want to repeat it to confirm two key points to address your concerns.

  1. The messages you receive are false system messages. None of the writers send you any message to edit. Please discard them. Since some writers initially submit their articles in unpublished format as a habit required from some publications, the system send them to the editors as editing tasks. Unfortunately this is a constraint of Medium system and there is no visible way of stopping the message. As a workaround, I specifically made a request in this article for the writers to send published articles only. This will reduce amount of the false and unnecessary alerts. Hope this point is clear.
  2. I also explained the role of editor in my recent three articles. Editors are not supposed to be doing proof reading for the publication. A majority of the writers on Medium are professional and published writers. They submit edited content. The role I envision for editors is identifying neglected content from their networks, mentor the neglected writers and bring their work to our publication for visibility. We are not a traditional publication. We created a paradigm shift to publishing and content marketing here therefore so many writers and editors are excited about it. I hope this point is clear too.

We have an excellent system running smoothly on high standards. We have a few minor problems but they are caused by constraints of Medium system which is constantly evolving. There are no perfect system in the world. Every software tool I ever worked on last 40 years have bugs and glitches. We need to find smart workarounds to ensure they are not roadblocks for our mission.

In terms of editing, I have full confidence in the capabilities of our writers. Most of them are published writers and bloggers outside of Medium. If we see an overt problem occasionally, we send them private messages and they fix the errors in their articles. We strive for excellence not perfection.

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION curating & amplifying important messages. Connection:

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