Thank you, Casen Davis, for your feedback and useful insights you provided related to leadership traits. I agree with your point that number of these characteristics can be merged and be covered in smaller items. It depends on how we abstract and encapsulate the concepts.

Some classical leadership books even covered them under 6 to 7 items. I wanted to provide more granular view reflecting the common traits from the actual work environment related to the digital transformation initiatives.

In terms of innovation, the word is sometimes misused and misunderstood. In rapidly changing and transforming environments, innovation is the essential to reach the transformation goals. Innovation is not only creating new ideas but also focus on continuous improvement therefore it is critical to transform legacy systems to modern, agile, flexible, and easily consumable constructs.

Your points on transparency, trust, and accountability are spot on. I liked your principles, personal style, and unique focus to leadership outcomes. I’d love to read your insights if you have point of views published here or other social media sites.

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