I fully agree about the significance of quality, therefore I created awareness on quality with utmost importance. Please see attached article.

We have several internationally recognised and published authors in our community with super high quality content. You will discover them soon. Ironically, their articles are not even distributed to the topics and readers are not aware of them. This unfortunate observation motivated me to create this community and therefore we grow so rapidly.

My recommendations are to improve quality and quantity in a right balance for profitability. When I talk about promotion, I refer to promotion of your quality content not the crappy content. And the publication is only a tool which brings us together. We need to sharpen our tool to be productive.

Your points make perfect sense but you represent only 0.1% of population in this community. The rest of the community need discovery and recognition for their quality content. My role is to support this community using power of diversity and collaboration.

By the way, your English is excellent. You communicate clearly. Your response itself can be an article. How about you turn this discussion to an article and solicit feedback.

One of the ways to improve quality is learning from others. That was my point in the exercise I ask. For example, by reading the content of five authors I featured, I learnt amazing techniques which can improve the quality of my content.

Please check the quality of content provided by these fellow writers.

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