Hi Julia E Hubbel and the writers who commented on post. Thank you all for your support and useful insights on the online protection. I removed the fake email addresses from my post to stay compliant with Medium policies.

Since the incident happened outside of Medium yesterday, I escalated the issue to my legal consultant. The security and privacy issues are handled by my email and website service providers. The network packets were analyzed. The IP address was detected as a single source. Legal and security teams are working on the issue with the originating Internet service provider. They found the email addresses were fake and did not belong to any person with that specific name in the signature of the offending emails. As advised by my legal team, I don’t want to reveal the identity of the writer. However, to protect the integrity and safety of our publication, I removed the privileges of the suspected writer from the publication.

My post is only for awareness on safety, security, and privacy issues for the writers of our publication and our readers, it does not aim to make a formal complaint for a specific member.

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION curating & amplifying important messages. Connection: https://digitalmehmet.com

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