Hi Joshua Davis. Thank you for your comments. I understand your concerns. These concerns motivated me to create this wonderful community.

Please check my article today.

The section under the heading of benefits providing testimonials by three great writers Paul Myers MBA, Karen Madej 💛, Kathryn A. LeRoy, Ph.D.based on their recent experience.

For further testimonials, you may also contact shining writers René Junge, Desiree Driesenaar, Stacey Christiansen, Brian E. Wish, PhD, Chris Hedges 🦄 Sylvia Love Johnson, Mary Holden, Indra Raj Pathak, Ann K Frailey, @selma, Lanu Pitan and more for further reference. Attached is the mentioned article.

Please also check the bios of our successful writers from the attached article. Any writer from this list can be a referee for ILLUMINATION.

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION curating & amplifying important messages. Connection: https://digitalmehmet.com

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