Hi James Finn. I have reviewed your comments. Those are not our values, and we are sorry the incident happened. Our editorial team have rectified the situation promptly and taken appropriate measures.

My publication supports hundreds of #LGBTQIA writers, giving them a strong voice and amplify their messages. I promote #LGBTQIA stories in our collections and help our writers to create curated stories distributed to this major topic.

Publications with many editors supporting thousands of writers submitting hundreds of articles daily sometimes make mistakes. However, a mistake does not mean I am “a bigoted person”, and it hurts to be called so. I do feel that the 3000+ diverse writers I support can prove I am the farthest from being homophobic and bigoted. I created this publication bringing thousands of thought leaders to illuminate society on issues that matter for us.

This has been a serendipitous encounter. Nice to meet you, James. I’d invite you to be a writer for our growing publication and would be delighted if you can join our diverse team to mentor us on these issues.

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION curating & amplifying important messages. Connection: https://digitalmehmet.com

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