Hi Guy Venturi. I truly enjoyed and amazed with your breadth of knowledge and fascinating engagements in your rich professional life. Your writing style is clear, informative, and engaging. Your content, for me was like a ‘love at first sight’ metaphor for appealing my reading taste hence wanted to share my humble thoughts with you.

As a new author here, I read a few opinions about the curation process in various articles on Medium but like yourself also don’t understand the curation process on Medium. There are conflicting views. I still haven’t come accross a clear set of criteria for curating articles. So far it sounds a bit subjective and from my understanding from various articles it seems to be arbitrary to the likes of specific curators.

Therefore, I keep reading, following the writing styles, discovering gems like you, and engaging with them to leverage their insights and create synergistic collaboration. Hopefully, my engagements and observations can help me to see some patterns over the time.

Like yourself I am also a published author and have been performing knowledge curation in my field for several industry and academic publications over three decades. Some of the publications are peer reviewed with extreme scientific rigour for the accuracy and relevancy of knowledge construct before they can be added to the established body of knowledge.

When I perform knowledge curation task in a specific knowledge domain, I start with a set of criteria about the business strategy, goals, and objectives of the publications considering the specific requirements and expectation of the target audience. Even though content quality has a high weighting score, author’s writing style and influence on the domain can also be critical success factor.

Having said that some industry publications may have hidden and nebulous agendas in selection which sometimes go beyond my scientific and academic mind. To this end, one useful thing that I learned was not to take any rejections personal. As one of my wise mentors taught me, each of us is unique hence I learned not to compare myself with others in order to keep my uniqueness and personal style which aim to add a customised value and meaning to my valued readers.

From social media perspective, despite my engagements in various forums, blogs, and other content platforms, I was overwhelmed and reached the confusion state hence recently refined and re-architected my content strategy for social media with insights gained by an experienced author who seemed to crack the content code. I shared my views in this recent article titled “Content Code Finally Cracked by BADASS”. Hope it provides you with insights for smoother swimming in this vast and frenetic social media ocean.

Guy, it is an absolute pleasure to meet your and your vast experience. I feel privileged to leverage your insights on this interesting platform. Let’s stay in touch for mutual insights.

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION curating & amplifying important messages. Connection: https://digitalmehmet.com

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