From this article, I understand that the term “curation jail” is real.

Thank you for adding clarity to this complex and heated topic on Medium.

The word “subjective” is a difficult situation to deal with in content platforms.

I think compliance with the criteria do not guarantee for curation.

I have two differing views: as a writer and a reader.

As a writer, I am curated but ironically the articles with my lowest expectation are quickly curated and high impact articles with original ideas cannot pass the curation criteria. Subjectivity is evident in this case.

I assume the knowledge, awareness, and personal taste for content may play critical roles. For example none of my personal experimentation articles were curated. Articles related to biohacking and transhumanism seem to be in jail. I assume the curators may dislike the controversial topics such as my “unusual diet”.

To me, as a writer, curation is not a big deal. As long as my readers appreciate and get value out of my impactful message, curation is just a nice to have side matter for additional visibility. I always find innovative ways to amplify content through my global connections.

However, as an avid reader of curated content here, I was disappointed a number of times. My aim here is to find content with original ideas stemming from personal insights. I shared my expectations in this article.

There were times I came across fascinating articles not curated but articles with little value or full of secondhand knowledge were curated. To be fair, some talented and popular writers can make a petty point compelling for the readers and taste of the curators.

With these mixed thoughts, I am still extremely grateful to be a reader and a growing writer on Medium. This is a magical platform with never boring moments for me.

And you are like a knowledge catalyst for this platform . Glad we have you as a virtual mentor.

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION curating & amplifying important messages. Connection:

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