Excellent analogy Desiree: another witch hunt.

Thank you for your compassion and supporting the Paper Poetry publication which seems to be another victim of sour grapes on social media. I am impressed by the great work Suntonu Bhadra does for his contributing poets.

Anything new and innovative is immediately attacked by jealous viruses which cannot survive with their own resources. I am glad Alison Tennent shared a great story on the stupidity of some viruses on social media.

As I mentioned in this story, real leaders don’t stick their nose on business of other people. Incompetent idiots scrawl like viruses on social networks and try to create allegations with tenuous understanding and secondhand information for successful people and organizations.

The more these viruses attack to ILLUMINATION the stronger our publication gets. Writers and readers are smart and informed enough to know the difference between real and fake.

Allegations can make a boomerang effect.

We are proud that our writers write for many other publications and they create their own publications to grow. We need diversity not monopoly.

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