Anyone who can understand English can see my disapproval of the content. I am a scientist and use neutral approach to communicate with people. I have an uplifting tone for all writers. I don’t discriminate and stay tolerant until they breach the policy.

Based on my cursory reading of the story, I noticed two caveats which I highlighted, at the beginning and end of the story saying “This story does not discriminate against the sexual preference of individuals”. I appreciated his sensitivity to add a note to his story. I did not approve his content.

My appreciation is not for his content but for his courtesy.

I scientifically disagreed with the content and publicly pointed it out.

I have courtesy and respect for every all human beings.

I spend a maximum 1 minute per article. I did not conduct a detailed analysis of the article. Since I did not notice any harassment, bad words, I thought the writer is sharing his opinion, so we allow all voices in our publications.

We accept every religion, sexuality, nationality. My only restriction is something against Medium policies; otherwise, I allow writers to write about anything. In the first version of the story I did not notice any derogatory terms. Writers can easily update the documents after publishing. We cannot monitor 30,000 stories.

I perform the role of orchestrator; I cannot play all instruments.

Instead of spending your time with me, you should spend it with the offending author. I wasted three hours of my time because of your tagging me and my writers. This spam created unnecessary stress for me and many writers.

To reiterate

The story is de-listed. The author is removed from publication. Editors decided to not let this author again.

What else humanly can we do to make you happy?

If you are that passionate about this topic, you may consider spending your time by detecting many troubled articles like that on Medium. Attacking me personally and a publication does not serve the purpose.

We have no time to cry on broken glass.

I am not perfect. Like anyone else, I make mistakes, correct my errors, learn from them, and move on. I prefer not to create a drama and attract personal attention to boost my ego.

Do you think you are perfect and never made a mistake in your life?

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION curating & amplifying important messages. Connection:

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