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We owe our civilization to technology. Almost everything around us is manifested, affected, evolved, and simply a by-product of technology. In other words, technology is ubiquitous.

Are you a technician, philosopher, entrepreneur, entertainer, artist, futurist, scientist, polymath, or a storyteller? If your writing practice includes one of these roles, your stories can shine on Technology Hits.

My aim is to introduce technology-related stories to a broad audience using my sizable network. Let me briefly introduce myself and how I qualify to run such an ambitious venture.

My brief background

I am a technologist who worked in large corporate organizations within the last four decades. Since I started at a young age with an informatics degree earned by a scholarship in Europe, technology evolved, and every single day added a new meaning to my life. …

Improve the quality and readability of your stories

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I prepared this checklist for writers planning to submit to ILLUMINATION-Curated publication. However, these points can be used for any publication on Medium or other content platforms on the web. I prepared this article to serve as a giveback to the writers’ community.

Many thanks for the feedback provided to the story raising quality bars of ILLUMINATION. Our readers are impressed and delighted by the improvement. Please review our position as we will implement the rules in these guidelines.

Some writers at Level 1 want to move to Level 2, and many writers at L2 wish to progress towards L3 goals. This initiative is an ongoing process. As an editorial team, we will continue to support these transitioning activities and help you transform your writing to the desired levels. …

This is what I learned.

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I published a story about my initial experience of Vocal. The readers well received the story on my experimentation. More importantly, the responses motivated me to write a follow up on my findings.

My purpose was to introduce my findings and initial impression on Vocal+. I mentioned the basics and provided adequate information to get you started writing for Vocal. Many writers found Vocal useful as a freelance opportunity.

Several writers enhanced my messages. From your comments, I learned about new features. Thank you all for your excellent input. Through this initiative, I met new writers and started collaborating. One simple story can open new communication path. …

If they do, they are not leaders, but…

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I usually write about what leaders do.

In this post, I look at leadership from a different angle to recognize fake leaders. I encapsulated many points under six headings to make it easy to read and learn.

I use daily language so that any reader can benefit from this post. Explanations are short because the headings are self-explanatory.

The fake leaders reflect the attributes of charlatans, shams, hoaxers, fraudsters, mountebanks, and swindlers.

They disguise their motives using tricky methods and raise their voice like a bully.

It is crucial to recognize fake leaders as they resemble sneaky viruses attacking the human immune system. Small viruses don’t have substance. They are not even full organisms, but once they enter the body, they can be toxic, dangerous, and life-threatening. …

A natural substance helped me fix my painful joints and prevented from occurring

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For many years, my chronically inflamed joints caused me a lot of suffering. I want to introduce a natural substance that fixed the joint problem and prevented from re-occurring. As a bonus, it fixed my leaky gut and improved my sleep quality naturally.

I used to run and enjoy the great feeling afterwards. Cardio was giving me a lot of pleasure. I thought it was the best workout for me on those days. Nowadays, I have a different workout regime.

After a while, my joints started hurting, caused by running and excessive cardio. I also experienced severe muscular back pain caused by arthritis. …

Five life-changing habits that made me happier, healthier, and more successful.

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I am inspired to write this story with a profound quote by French philosopher Jean-Paul Satre. This powerful quote “Life Is C Between B And D” encouraged me to focus on finding my magical C. We all are unique and may have different Cs in life.

As this quote resonates well with me, I always remind it to myself. I put it on the wall in my study room.

My lifestyle choices caused the most significant impact in transforming myself from a mediocre state to a heroic state. …

Do you have e-books and blogs?

Would you like to re-purpose them?

We can help you to convert them stories.

More info in this story.

This publication was established to…

An invitation to write for a new publication bringing writers, bloggers, and freelancers in one place to increase the chance of earning on Medium and other platforms

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Introduction and Background

When I surveyed 5,000+ writers on Medium, to understand their goals and aspirations, the writers’ most significant focus was on generating passive income in this economic climate. The income generation was not only for financial purposes, but also for motivational goals and therapeutic objectives.

Wearing my entrepreneurial hat, I am pleased and excited to offer a new service to writers to find a home for their writing practice as stories. I have created a home for writers who focus on generating income from their creative work. The title may sound confusing. Let me clarify.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as passive income. It is a misnomer. However, I use this common term to address the issues of this domain. All passive income requires substantial prior investment, including time, effort, or upfront payment. Only after the initial investment, the income becomes passive. Despite all, there will still be occasional investment requirements such as updating and marketing of the content. …


Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION curating & amplifying important messages. Connection:

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