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Many people after substantial weight loss can have difficulty in losing stubborn loose skins. While this seems to be a minor concern for young people, it can be a significant concern for people over 40 who lose large amounts of weight in a short time frame. From my understanding, excessive loose skin may affect people psychologically and is associated with low self-esteem and social withdrawal.

From my personal experience, I know that loose skin can be stubborn and hard to remove using traditional methods. For example, even though I lowered my body fat percentage and increased my lean muscle mass…

Health and Fitness

Our hormones have the final say for fat burning.

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Our hormones have the final say for fat burning. My optimal solution was to fix my hormonal issues and use fat as fuel for sustainable weight management.

As a person struggling with weight management issues for decades, I want to share the most critical unlearning and relearning activity in my fitness and health improvement journey.

Despite many excessive workouts, mainly in cardio form and substantial calorie-cutting, I suffered a lot and miserably failed.

Didn’t they work?

Yes, they did. With calorie deficit and excessive cardio, I lost weight in this stressful process, but it was not what I needed and…

Service Excellence

Improve the quality and readability of your stories

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I prepared this checklist for writers planning to submit to ILLUMINATION-Curated publication. However, these points can be used for any publication on Medium or other content platforms on the web. I prepared this article to serve as a giveback to the writers’ community.

Many thanks for the feedback provided to the story raising quality bars of ILLUMINATION. Our readers are impressed and delighted by the improvement. Please review our position as we will implement the rules in these guidelines.

Some writers at Level 1 want to move to Level 2, and many writers at L2 wish to progress towards L3…

Leadership, Business

If they do, they are not leaders, but…

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I usually write about what leaders do.

In this post, I look at leadership from a different angle to recognize fake leaders. I encapsulated many points under six headings to make it easy to read and learn.

I use daily language so that any reader can benefit from this post. Explanations are short because the headings are self-explanatory.

The fake leaders reflect the attributes of charlatans, shams, hoaxers, fraudsters, mountebanks, and swindlers.

They disguise their motives using tricky methods and raise their voice like a bully.

It is crucial to recognize fake leaders as they resemble sneaky viruses attacking the…

Business and Economy

How Pennsylvania government and partners lead small business innovations and investments

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Introduction and Context

Small business is a critical success factor for the US economy. According to the Office of Advocacy, small businesses generate 44% of U.S. economic activity. In addition, the news release mentions that small businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy because they create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive US innovation and competitiveness. As the report points out this is a significant contribution. However, this overall share has declined gradually.

Despite all, some states make good progress. For example, Pennsylvania is a state which puts great emphasis on small businesses. In this article, I provide a few highlights

Health and Medicine

Scientifically proven benefits of charcoal, testimonials, and personal experience.

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Carbo ́n activado en las intoxicaciones agudas: ¿esta ́ todo dicho?” meaning [Activated charcoal in acute poisonings: what remains to be said?].

Introduction and Context

Activated charcoal is not hype and not pseudoscience. It is one of the most researched topics in medicine, toxicology, biology, chemistry, and several other disciplines for long. According to Western Journal of Medicine, “poisoned patients were first treated with charcoal more than 150 years ago”.

When I published this article titled “Activated Charcoal: A miraculous element” last year in my publication Transhumanism on this platform, some regular readers in my circles questioned why I wrote articles about pseudoscience.


A review of the entrepreneurial landscape, investment activities, and job opportunities for Wisconsin’s healthcare and information technology sectors

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Being home to a wide variety of cultures over the past 14,000 years, Wisconsin is known as America’s Dairyland. Governor Tony Evers has a remarkable approach to residents of the state.

Mr Evers believes that every single person has value. He points out that “if we are going to change the direction of our state, we must do it together”.

Health and Fitness

The desire for six-pack abs may create trauma. What if I tell you there are easier, more effective ways to get it?

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Introduction and Context

So many people are obsessed with getting a six-pack belly. And some healthy people seriously destroyed their health to get six-pack abs in a short time. They torture their body, and of course, the body resists by reacting adversely.

From my experience, having a defined belly is a by-product of a healthy lifestyle. Six-pack abs are good to have but not the holy grail for happiness and joy. They are only an indication of fitness progress for being on the right track.

Many people desire to have six-pack abs and strive for it at every cost. There is nothing wrong…

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