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I prepared this checklist for writers planning to submit to ILLUMINATION-Curated publication. However, these points can be used for any publication on Medium or other content platforms on the web. I prepared this article to serve as a giveback to the writers’ community.

Many thanks for the feedback provided to the story raising quality bars of ILLUMINATION. Our readers are impressed and delighted by the improvement. Please review our position as we will implement the rules in these guidelines.

Some writers at Level 1 want to move to Level 2, and many writers at L2 wish to progress towards L3…

Leadership, Business

If they do, they are not leaders, but…

I usually write about what leaders do.

In this post, I look at leadership from a different angle to recognize fake leaders. I encapsulated many points under six headings to make it easy to read and learn.

I use daily language so that any reader can benefit from this post. Explanations are short because the headings are self-explanatory.

The fake leaders reflect the attributes of charlatans, shams, hoaxers, fraudsters, mountebanks, and swindlers.

They disguise their motives using tricky methods and raise their voice like a bully.

It is crucial to recognize fake leaders as they resemble sneaky viruses attacking the…


Security awareness, knowledge, and skills can remove fear and empower us in effectively dealing with this situation.

The U.S Department of Justice seized $2.3 million in cryptocurrency paid to the ransomware extortionists Darkside. The Honorable Laurel Beeler, U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of California, authorized the seizure warrant.

Ransomware has become a massive problem for governments, businesses, and individuals globally. As a result, cybersecurity Costs Are On The Rise. Many business organizations struggle to deal with the complexity of cybersecurity and prohibitive costs to their budget.

Statista website highlights that according to an annual report on global cybersecurity, there were a total of 304 million ransomware attacks worldwide in 2020. …

LGBTQ — Law — Technology

Violence never rests. Data is gold for violence prevention.

Incomplete or lack of data means working in the dark. Federated data shed lights.

According to NVDRS (National Violent Death Reporting System) website, in the United States, more than seven people per hour die a violent death. More than 18,800 people were victims of homicide, and over 48,000 people died by suicide in 2018 alone.

NVDRS is the only state-based surveillance system pooling more than 600 unique data elements fed by multiple sources into a usable and anonymous database. NVDRS covers all types of violent deaths. It includes people of all ages with specific entries for children, youth, and elderly…


Why does this bill matter?

I am inspired to write this article after reading a recent tweet posted by Greg Abbott.

Technology, Gaming, Gambling

Introducing DeRace, the first virtual NFT horse racing universe

Horse racing is a popular spectator sport attracting millions of people globally. Horse racing is a substantial market in America. According to Statista, the market size of the horse racing track industry in the United States was valued at over three billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Furthermore, it is expected to reach 3.52 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2021.

Even though horse racing is a hobby and sport, the critical impact of the game is on the economy. This industry gets its stake from the gambling desires of gamers.

Gambling is the act of risking money for creating…

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