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Health, fitness, lifestyle, and leadership are essential topics followed by many readers on this platform. The purpose of this story is to provide a list of high impact articles found useful and valuable by readers of Transhumanism Leadership publication so that readers can easily access them.

Transhumanism is a leadership movement to encourage human beings to live their full potential focusing on self-improvement, personal development, and transformation approach.

The goal of this movement is to help us go above and beyond in efforts and investments for achieving our goals. The key principles are kindness, serendipity, reciprocity, collaboration, synergy, and fusion.


Introducing essential hormones that play critical roles in burning fat in simple terms

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I am inspired to write this story after receiving substantial feedback on my recent viral story titled “Fat Loss Has Nothing To Do With Calories: Our hormones have the final say for fat burning.” This story was also featured in a post by Carol Price, who is a senior editor and retired medical doctor.

In the viral story that received substantial views on multiple platforms, I shared my experience on my exciting fitness journey and showed my readers how I found effective ways by trial and error over a decade. …

#Health #Fitness #Self Improvement #Lifestyle

Effective ways supported by science and experience.

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Many people after substantial weight loss can have difficulty in losing stubborn loose skins. While this seems to be a minor concern for young people, it can be a significant concern for people over 40 who lose large amounts of weight in a short time frame. From my understanding, excessive loose skin may affect people psychologically and is associated with low self-esteem and social withdrawal.

From my personal experience, I know that loose skin can be stubborn and hard to remove using traditional methods. For example, even though I lowered my body fat percentage and increased my lean muscle mass…

Health and Fitness

Our hormones have the final say for fat burning.

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Our hormones have the final say for fat burning. My optimal solution was to fix my hormonal issues and use fat as fuel for sustainable weight management.

As a person struggling with weight management issues for decades, I want to share the most critical unlearning and relearning activity in my fitness and health improvement journey.

Despite many excessive workouts, mainly in cardio form and substantial calorie-cutting, I suffered a lot and miserably failed.

Didn’t they work?

Yes, they did. With calorie deficit and excessive cardio, I lost weight in this stressful process, but it was not what I needed and…

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My stories on health, mental health, lifestyle, and self improvement in Transhumanism. The following is selected stories from this publication.

Physical Health

Fix Metabolic Syndrome, Live…


Transform the enterprise with Mobility, Cloud, IoT & Big Data

A Modern Enterprise Architecture Approach — Chapter 1 Transform the enterprise with Mobility, Cloud, IoT & Big Data by Dr Mehmet Yildiz on ILLUMINATION Book Chapters —
Image owned by Dr Mehmet

The purpose of this book is in this article. Chapter one can be found at this link.

Chapter 2: Redefining Roles & Responsibilities of Enterprise Architect


This descriptive chapter redefines Enterprise Architects’ vital roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities within modernization and transformation contexts. Unfortunately, the traditional roles and responsibilities of these architects do not suit the needs and demands of these complex programs.

Consequently, the 15 points provided in the subsequent sections are not job roles, position titles or general duties. Instead, these points help recruiters, and human resource specialists recognize the critical role of Enterprise Architects, specifically in modernizing the enterprise.

Understanding these skills for aspiring Enterprise Architects can…

Content Marketing Strategy

A game-changing strategy for freelance writers to turn loyal readers into advocates for sustainable business outcomes

Content Marketing Strategy 8 Proven Tips to Build a Rock-Solid Reading Audience A game-changing strategy to turn loyal readers into advocates for sustainable business outcomes by Dr Mehmet Yildiz on
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Let’s face it. You might be writing about the most interesting and important topics with high quality and stylish content; however, if you don’t have a loyal reader base, your content means nothing more than a personal diary. And if you don’t have advocates, you cannot grow. I am sorry to offend idealist friends, but with due respect, I found success in pragmatic approaches.

This article is not a theoretical piece and not sugar-coated even though it has an inspirational and motivational aspect. I am not here to preach and repeat dull advice with nitty-gritty points. …

Science and Health

A simplified overview of the human biological defense system by leveraging recent scientific studies and reviews

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There has been a constant war inside us since our inception in human form. Our body has an army of extremely complex defense systems with many integrated and well-functioning components. Even the quietest of us, including zen masters, experience this biological war non-stop. It is human nature.

Working on autonomous systems developing immunity methods in artificial intelligence technology, I am also interested in self-healing mechanisms for the human body and the brain as a sensible transhumanist. I have strong interest in immunotherapy that is growing and evolving rapidly. …

Vision & Thought Leadership

Compelling ideas to convert readers to writers with small steps, guidance, and encouragement in a supportive community

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I believe that most writers are also avid readers. However, I also believe that anyone who enjoys reading can also become a writer. This is because writing and reading go hand in hand. They are inseparable.

Writing looks like a daunting task to some readers. Some even see it as a pie in the sky occupation. However, I believe many would benefit from writing regardless of compensation.

I know innumerable writers on this platform who write for the sheer joy of it, whether they simply feel empowered or enjoy when they find out that something they wrote helped another person…

Health Awareness

Why deficiency matters and the importance of adequate Vitamin D for health, according to science

Vitamin D is critical nutrient for good health. It helps the body absorb calcium. With calcium, vitamin D helps protect us from developing osteoporosis, a disease that thins & weakens the bones. 53 million adults in the US have or are at risk of developing osteoporosis. Here’s a medical literature review from reliable sources conducted by Dr Mehmet Yildiz on
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Why Vitamin D

I agree that we don’t have to supplement many vitamins as most of them are abundant in our food. However, a few critical vitamins play an essential role in our health, fitness, and well-being. Their deficiency matters. Vitamin D is one of them. It is unique and very different from other vitamins.

Even though it is called a vitamin, vitamin D is a steroid hormone. It is created from cholesterol when our skin is exposed to the sun.

My understanding of medical literature and advice from my medical consultants helped me correct my deficiency.

So, when I didn’t have sun…

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