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I prepared this checklist for writers planning to submit to ILLUMINATION-Curated publication. However, these points can be used for any publication on Medium or other content platforms on the web. I prepared this article to serve as a giveback to the writers’ community.

Many thanks for the feedback provided to the story raising quality bars of ILLUMINATION. Our readers are impressed and delighted by the improvement. Please review our position as we will implement the rules in these guidelines.

Some writers at Level 1 want to move to Level 2, and many writers at L2 wish to progress towards L3…

Leadership, Business

If they do, they are not leaders, but…

I usually write about what leaders do.

In this post, I look at leadership from a different angle to recognize fake leaders. I encapsulated many points under six headings to make it easy to read and learn.

I use daily language so that any reader can benefit from this post. Explanations are short because the headings are self-explanatory.

The fake leaders reflect the attributes of charlatans, shams, hoaxers, fraudsters, mountebanks, and swindlers.

They disguise their motives using tricky methods and raise their voice like a bully.

It is crucial to recognize fake leaders as they resemble sneaky viruses attacking the…


Selected from eclectic topics, Issue #1

I am pleased that my readers enjoyed and found these recent stories valuable. Thus, I’d like to share them with a broader audience. I sorted them based on topics.

1 — Emotional Stress As Larger Part Of The Iceberg In Energy Deficiency

#Mental Health

2 — How To Orchestrate Your Life For Success And Satisfaction


3 — Do You Write About Equality, Diversity, and Racism?


4 — Hormones That Cause Fat Gain: Not Calories


5 — Imagine How It Feels To Be Black Or Brown In A White Country


6 — How To Reframe Rejections


7 — 1,000 Short Posts in 100 Days


8 — A Simplified Guide To Big Data Lifecycle Management


9 — Short-Form Stories Not For Income But For Visibility. Think Of Them As A Tripwire

#Content Development

10 — Life-Changing Wisdom Of The Wealthiest People


Thank you for reading my stories.

I’d appreciate your feedback.

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I am a top writer covering several topics on Medium. I established ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book Chapter, Technology Hits, and SYNERGY publications supporting 9,500+ writers and serving 135,000+ readers on Medium. You can Join my publications requesting access here. You are welcome to subscribe to my 100K+ mailing list, collaborate, enhance your network, and receive technology and leadership…

Diversity, Equality, Racism

It sometimes can be too exhausting

Perhaps it is hard for some of us to comprehend my point; for others can be more manageable. But if you look inside yourself, you will indeed find something poignant in you that society disapproves of. What I refer to here are not the shallow things but things deep inside you that define who you are.

If you can see that particular spot, you can notice the debilitating soreness society’s disapproval causes. Then you can imagine what it would be like to experience that agony every day of your life.

We all have ethnic roots coming from different cultural backgrounds…

Mental Health

Emotional stress and drained energy can prevent us from living a satisfying life.

Energy is power and essential for the continuity of life. It is impossible to survive and thrive without physical and mental energy. They are basic requirements for all living beings.

Many factors can drain our physical and mental energy. The fundamental aspects are nutrition, sleep, and exercise. When we lack these three core requirements, something undesirable happens. It is called chronic stress. Chronic stress not only drains our energy but also causes many ailments.

Meeting the basic requirements of nutrition, hydration, sleep, clean air, and movement can help us to control our chronic stress to some extent. But it is…

Diversity, Equality, Racism

ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated can be an ideal platform to share your experience

Equality in society is one of my crucial personal and professional goals. I want to support all cultures, nations, genders, religions, and philosophies. As long as writers write ethically and within Medium rules, I publish stories with no censorship.

The core values of my publications are diversity, equality, inclusion, and collaboration. Both ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated host hundreds of stories on these topics.

I am pleased that several top writers contribute to these two publications. Their stories get curated by Medium, gain substantial visibility, and some of them even go viral.

My vision is to represent every race, nation, and culture…

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

Technologist/Cognitive Scientist empowering writers. Founder of ILLUMINATION, curating and amplifying important messages. Connection:

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